What First-Time Buyers of Bookshelf Speakers Should Know

Searching for the right Bookshelf Speakers Melbourne wide? Don’t rush into buying.


Bookshelf Speakers Melbourne


Here are a few guidelines to figure out the right Melbourne Bookshelf Speakers to buy:

Buying Bookshelf Speakers

If you don’t have enough space in your home, Bookshelf Speakers are the right types of speakers to buy.

Apart from your listening preferences, you should also consider listening to your peers’ takes. Maybe they know some crucial details about buying Bookshelf Speakers Melbourne stores are offering. Visiting shops with demonstrations of Bookshelf Speaker performance will also help.

Basic specs

As an average consumer, you probably don’t have the drive to learn about the jargons of music equipment. However, knowing the following basic specs will help you find Bookshelf Speakers Melbourne stores sell that fit your needs:

  • Watts – If you want better output, then you’d have to buy bookshelf speakers that have high numbers of Watts.
  • Hertz – If you want heavier bass, then choose speakers with lower numbers of Hertz.
  • Drivers – Drivers are the parts that generate high-frequency sounds (Tweeters) and bass (Woofers). Experts suggest adding another driver to improve the sound.

Accessories to add

Needless to say, the Bookshelf Speakers must have a sturdy shelf to sit on. You can also look for wall mounts or speaker stands, which is surprisingly preferred by many buyers.

  • Speaker stands – According to those who purchased the speaker stands, they appreciate the height that’s intended to place the speakers at ear level. This position accommodates a listener who’s in a sitting position.
  • Wall mounts – Meanwhile, Wall Mounts are for those buyers who have small children running around. Mounting them up against the wall is a safer option in case the kids knock them down and someone gets hurt.
  • Subwoofer – Bookshelf Speakers also work better with a subwoofer for lower frequencies, although it’s optional.
  • Compact Center Channel Speaker – If you do have a home theatre system, you can add a compact center channel speaker. This can be placed above your TV.

So, whether you’re buying a sturdy shelf, wall mounts, or speaker stands, bear in mind to place your speakers at an ear level position. This is crucial for the tonal balance, which gives you better listening experience.

Bookshelf Speakers with a Home Theater System

If the sound is crucial for you, buying a home theatre system with bookshelf speakers is the better choice. However, if a system’s price is not fit for your budget yet, you can invest in high-quality Bookshelf Speakers Melbourne stores are selling today.

Keep in mind, though, to consider your future needs of buying a Home Theatre System before buying standalone Bookshelf Speakers in Melbourne.

The right area to place Bookshelf Speakers

Where is the right spot to put the speakers? As long as you place them properly, putting them on either on top of a console or on a bookshelf is okay. Experts advise buyers to position the Tweeters at ear-level for better listening. They also advise positioning the Bookshelf Speakers at 2 o’clock positions.

Final note

Remember, choose the bookshelf speakers that fit your needs the most. Don’t settle on just any type of Bookshelf Speakers that are cheap but whack-sounding.

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